Heathside Health and Wellbeing is a partner of VoxxLife.

VoxxLife is a wearable technology business with a variety of drug-free products, which incorporates of modern technology to support your wellness goals, saving you the burden of non-invasive treatments.

NeuroVax Revealed from Dr. Mark DeBrincat on Vimeo.

Most popular products from VoxxLife:


Voxx Stasis Athletic No-Show

Like no other type of sock, but designed with comfort in mind, the HPT-Embedded socks are soft on your feet and offer just the right amount of stretch, get the pain relief and mobility support you want at home, work, or the gym.



Reduce the pain in walking with Insolls, these can provide you with the ultimate comfort in your footwear.

Built with Voxx HPT Technology, the product will give you with an increased balance and improved range of motion, aligned with a total relief from foot pain.

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