Immuno-Lymphatic Therapy

Did you realise that the Lymphatic system is the third part of the circulatory system?  Vital to our health, but one that is easily overlooked.

Immuno-Lymphatic Therapy is one of the best ways to ensure that it is working properly. It is very helpful for people recovering from surgery which has resulted in an accumulation of fluids in the tissues – whether this surgery was for a medical condition or cosmetic surgery. Lymphoedema can be uncomfortable and distressing, so the earlier treatment is started the better.

It is a very gentle, relaxing and de-stressing form of massage  It is exquisitely gentle – most people relax very quickly and often drift off to sleep during a treatment, resulting in a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

The following effects have been reported:

  1. It cleanses and purifies the connective tissue so that the body heals itself more quickly
  2. It drains congestion and swellings including sprains, speeding recovery
  3. It balances the Nervous System, reducing the effects of stress
  4. It reduces or eliminates pain, including chronic pain
  5. It strengthens the Immune System so preventing illnesses
  6. It tones the muscles and improves the skin
  7.  it is very helpful with weight reduction and cellulite dispersal

The Lymphatic system is involved with the following conditions :

Any stress condition – tiredness – fluid retention – cellulite – swollen ankles –  lymphoedema – ME – MS – rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis – sports injuries – acne – scars – headaches and migraine – digestive problems – sinusitis – labyrinthitis – lowered resistance to  infections – glaucoma – tooth extraction – joint swellings – overworked muscles – general aches and pains – weight reduction, before and after surgery to speed recovery, reduce scarring, and also to prevent the development of stretch marks in pregnancy.

We have also found that Immuno-Lymphatic Therapy is very helpful before osteopathic or chiropractic treatment giving  fuller relaxation of the muscles, thus making those treatments more effective.