Are you looking for better health and wellbeing?

We are here to look after you as a whole person – not a collection of symptoms! Our approach takes into consideration your health and wellbeing, of course, but also many other things in or about your life which may have contributed to bring you to this point in time.

Arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, skin problems, fertility issues, IBS, poor digestion, Diabetes, too much or too little weight, bad habits, allergies and intolerances,  high stress levels, depression etc. can affect us all at one time or another –  and our aim is to help you discover,  review and maybe to change any contributory factors, resulting in improved health & wellbeing.

Start with a FREE MINI-CONSULTATION in complete confidence to help us identify how we can help you best.

You can try a range of treatments to find out which suits you best. It may be that you a need a course of treatments over a period of time plus some lifestyle changes to help your wellbeing further. We can refer you to an appropriate therapist if we don’t have the right skills to help you

With you every step of the way, we want you to be complimented on your glowing appearance, pain-free posture and that new spring in your step! Many people have visited us here and gone away saying they feel like a new person – maybe you can too!

COMPLEMENTARY or ALTERNATIVE?  We consider our therapies to be complementary to any medical treatment you may be having. We are very happy to liaise with your GP.  (We are not Doctors and do not prescribe medication.)    We have information on trusted nutritional supplements and other aids to health which previous clients have reported beneficial – try our different approach to wellbeing today!